How do blogs make money?

Killer question eh? How can I make money from blogging?

Well, you’re here now aren’t you..?!  That’s the first step.

I’ve spent a good half of my adult life living out of a backpack. Given the shit storm I returned to after India, I now plan to continue this for many more years. That said, income generated via this ‘Global Amigo blog’ goes into my UK bank account – enabling me to return home every now & again.

When out on the road, there are various ways to accumulate pennies; showcased by the following live examples. (Granted, we aren’t entering millionaire mode but a few sign ups a month go a long way – out here, a dollar buys a decent evening meal)

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Rent out your bed / home via Use my link & we both benefit.

  • I live off this website and absolutely recommend it – you can start making money by listing your place on it (for free!) Give it a try!?
  • Click here for’s 2020 discount: (or copy and paste the link)

YouGov: I benefit when people register via my link / you get money for your opinions.

  • Fab if you have thoughts on anything from Brexit to the BBC / if you get angry by stats like ‘45% of Brits think Africa’s a country…’
  • The surveys are simple, interesting & straight forward + you get notified when new ones are live
  • More surveys taken = more points earned. Points = £’s (prize draws are offered too) USE MY LINK Get paid for taking Surveys in 2020

Order a free sim: Free credit for you & up to £20 for me

  • If you aren’t familiar with GiffGaff they’ve shaken the mobile network industry with fab sim-only deals & pay as you go bundles. Operated by 02, their signal is top notch & they keep coming top in annual awards. When my last contract expired I switched from paying £40 a month to a tenner – and still got unlimited texts, a shedload of minutes & 5gb of data (choose the amount – packages start at a fiver). They genuinely are great.
  • CLICK HERE for free GIFFGAFF CREDIT & a free SIM CARD in the post

Buy the best mattresses on the market & get £100 off (plus £50 for me!?) Happy Days.

  • When you’re in the market for a new bed, check out eve. They offer free delivery and a one hundred day money-back guarantee (Basically, return it after sleeping in it for three months if you aren’t impressed!)
  • I may be biased but memory foam mattresses are incredible – I didn’t make the switch until 2015 and, after my first night, regretted not doing so sooner! (Missing it more than ever now – in Thailand the mattresses solid!) CLICK HERE for the 2020 EVE Mattress Discount Code

Switch Utilities: I get up to £150 / You can save serious money

  • There’s a presentation to share around the kitchen table – but I’ll leave the link below for you to browse at leisure
  • I won’t feed you bull: The best discounts are for home owners / those choosing several options (select gas, electric & phone on the website & the quote drops considerably…) *Home owners are seen as more stable, longer lasting customers*
  • There’s no need to call your existing providers; they do it all (you might even get bought out of existing contracts…)
  • They do have great customer service (UK-based & award winning) and you get a single bill each month which is useful
  • Head to the site via my unique link to see some quotes: Cheaper Bills in 2020?! 
    • if prompted, select ‘not with a partner’ and get started / enter your postcode… (because you aren’t physically sat with me)
    • ‘Simon Neale’ should appear in the top corner (their business model is based on reps making a living from them so quotes will never be lower by going elsewhere nor by going incognito)
    • I’d love to walk you through the process over Skype/FB if you’re interested in learning more? (Message me on Facebook)

*Every year we, as consumers should change providers to collectively keep market prices low / make suppliers fight for our custom. So, even if you rent, switching could be beneficial long term. (It could still work out cheaper too – just take a look!?)*

Marketing Support, Design & Print Services

This is how I make 60% of my living (despite living on the other side of the planet) – by providing social media management, design & print services to Lancashire businesses (income also supports my little quarterly publication, Podio Magazine, and my hate crime sign posting website, After Hate)

And these my friend, are just a few ways of using a blog to make money.

(Now browse my articles / follow my socials – and say hi)