How do blogs make money?

This is the question right? How can little old me, make money, from a few travel blog posts or personal poems?

Well, you’re here now aren’t you..?! 

That’s the first step… 😉

I must have spent a good half of my adult life living out of a backpack and, given the abysmal shit storm of recent months, I now plan to continue this for the next few years afterall. #Thailand2018 #Bali2019 #Nicaragua2020

When I’m out on the road (or even if I’m not) there are ways to accumulate pennies without being in the country. If you know me personally (or even if you don’t) the following live examples of affiliate marketing may be of interest.

I won’t get rich from the following, but a few sign ups / purchases a month would make way for extra time in Bali or allow me to explore Rio De Janeiro on the way out to Nicaragua…

Making Money from my blog (in ascending order…)

YouGov Surveys – I get a couple of Great British Pounds every time someone signs up & takes part in 6x surveys. Woo.

  • These are really simple, interesting & straight forward to be fair. They have an app to notify you of new surveys each day too (a great alternative to sitting on social media) Pay outs are made every time a participant hits £50 – but anything between a quid and a fiver are offered for surveys so it soon adds up (and there are random prize draws too)
  • USE MY LINK CLICK HERE – to get paid for taking Surveys


GiffGaff Referral Scheme – £5 free credit for you, and between £5-£22 for me

  • If you aren’t familiar with this mobile network they’ve really shaken the industry with fab sim only deals and pay as you go bundles. It’s operated by 02 (to tap into the discount market), so the signal availability is top notch (they keep coming top in industry awards too) When my last contract expired I switched from paying £40 a month to a tenner a month – and still get unlimited texts, a ridiculous amount of minutes and 5gb of data (you choose the maount you feel is necessary)

Buy a mattress with EVE – my referal link gets you up to £100 off plus £50 for me!? Happy Days.

  • When you’re in the market for a new bed, check out eve. They offer free delivery – and a one hundred day money-back guarantee (Basically, you can send it back after sleeping in it for three months if you aren’t impressed!?!) I may be biased but I’m not gonna lie, memory foam mattresses are incredible!!
  • USE MY LINK – CLICK HERE – for a 2018 EVE Mattress Discount Code

Switching Utilities – I should sit you through a presentation but I’ll provide the link for you to view at leisure. I get up to £150 & you could save money.

  • To be honest, biggest discounts are given to home owners when you go for the full package. That said, if you rent, or just want to give the middle finger to your current provider, it’s still worth considering at some point – even if only for a year? (We should all switch regularly to collectively keep company prices down) These guys (Utility Warehouse) do have great customer service – and the single bill each month is very useful!
  • Read more via my full article here: Click through to learn whether you’re likely to save money or not…
  • Alternatively, USE MY LINK TO SWITCH TODAY – CLICK HERE for Cheaper Bills in 2018?!? [select ‘not with a partner’ – unless I’m sat beside you]

Financial Education & Life Insurance – This needs to be done 121 / over Skype because of financial regulations.

  • If (or when) you or someone close to you is in the market to get life insurance, or other financial services, send me an email. I have links to a fab organisation that offers heaps of advice and guidance when it comes to finances (whether you’re struggling financially or are loaded!?)

Business Services & Printing – This is how I make my living; through the print & marketing services offered through my social enterprise, Global Amigos (income generated also helps support causes & campaigns I’m passionate about)

  • Whether you’re a business owner, planning a wedding, or want to treat your loved ones to bespoke printed products next Christmas, check out my business’s website & request a catalogue for all the printed items you could possibly imagine!?! For marketing consultancy & social media management, let me know your situation…
NOTE: I appreciate this page is currently in a poor aesthetic state. Before I leave for Moscow & China, I’ll have published content to further expand on the above affiliate links, each with their own dedicated pages on here. That said, if anything does tickle your pickle, click through on the applicable link & get in touch!?
If so, you’re a superstar! Thank you 🙂 xx