How do blogs make money?

Killer question eh? How can I make money from blogging?

Well, you’re here now aren’t you..?!  That’s the first step.

I’ve spent a good half of my adult life living out of a backpack. Given the shit storm I returned to after India, I now plan to continue this for many more years. Income generated via this ‘Global Amigo blog’ goes into a UK savings account – enabling me to return home every now & again…

Since 2014, the focus of my blog has always been personal. From 2020 though, I plan to turn it into a more commercial platform that answers questions for travellers and offer honest insights.

This specific page, is to start laying that groundwork.

Back to making money!? When out on the road, there are various ways to accumulate pennies; showcased by the following live examples. Granted, we aren’t entering millionaire mode but a few sign ups a month go a long way – out here, a dollar buys a decent evening meal.

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Rent out your home / spare room via Use my link & we both benefit.

  • I live off this website and absolutely recommend it – you can start making money by listing your place on it (for free!) Give it a try!?
  • Click here for’s 2020 discount: (or copy and paste the link)

One for my loved ones in the UK: Buy the best mattresses on the market & get £100 off (plus £50 for me!?) Happy Days.

  • When you’re in the market for a new bed, check out eve. They offer free delivery and a one hundred day money-back guarantee (Basically, return it after sleeping in it for three months if you aren’t impressed!)
  • I may be biased but memory foam mattresses are incredible – I didn’t make the switch until 2015 and, after my first night, regretted not doing so sooner! (Missing it more than ever now – in Thailand the mattresses solid!) CLICK HERE for the 2020 EVE Mattress Discount Code

Marketing Support, Design & Print Services

This is how I make 60% of my living (despite living on the other side of the planet) – by providing social media management, design & print services to Lancashire businesses (income also supports my quarterly community publication, Podio Magazine, and my hate crime sign posting website, After Hate)

And these, my friends, are just a few ways of using a blog to make money. Expect more links and reviews to feature in due course. 

(Now browse my articles / follow my socials – and say hi)