• Learning the basics

  • A fat tree

  • Tiny Tara

    This little beauty was introduced to our rural Nicaraguan community shortly after Christmas 2015. It'll be fed up and eaten by it's owners within a few months, or alternatively sold on.

  • Life after a hurricane

  • A rural Nicaraguan home

  • Monkeying around

    This little fella was one of many dominating an island comprising 100+ of the species; Lake Nicaragua

  • Volunteer Recruitment

  • Hiding Lizard

    A delicacy in Central America; hunted by the men to feed their families. To hunt/eat one is technically illegal.

  • Masaya National Park

  • Useless Fruit from El Bramadero

  • Mining & Construction in Nicaragua

  • Controversial Art in Managua

  • Boats moored at Isla Ometepe, Nicaragua

  • A typical home in rural Nicaragua

  • Wild Nicaraguan Bird – Isla Ometepe

  • Ducks on the Pacific Coastline

  • Kids playing

  • All hands on deck!

  • International Development – Water Tanks

  • Country Roads…

  • Nicaraguan Volcanoes

  • Inside an Active Volcano

  • A park in Massaya.

  • Pigeon

  • Lake Nicaragua

  • Spectacle

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